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This is an on-going record of how we've taken a brand-new Fiat panel van and cut big holes in it to convert what remains into a motorhome. We hope anyone contemplating building a motorhome will find encouragement here. With careful planning, modest diy skills, a few basic tools, and a little determination it can be done.

Whilst the van is usable, there are some parts of the conversion which still have to be finished, so those sections of the site may be incomplete.

Latest News

Washroom construction in progress

At last some progress with the new washroom and wardrobe layout. The wash basin and tap placed in position to work out the optimal run and length of the water and waste pipes.

Fortunately, the new laminated ply top has remained flat, unlike the first version which took on a distinct curve and had to be scrapped to the accompaniment of some fine old Anglo-Saxon....